Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Winter decorations may be on the graves from November 15th through March 15th. Artificial flowers and grave decorations from Memorial Day may be on the lots from May 25th to June 13th, except when placed on a concrete attachment to the monument foundation. Decorations not removed by specified time will be disposed by the Cemetery Association.

Flowers may be planted in front of or in line with tombstones, not to exceed a space of twelve (12) inches from the cement foundation and not to exceed the full length of the foundation. If the flower bed is not maintained, it will be destroyed by mowing.

Flower boxes may be place in front of tombstones on stone slabs of concrete base (patio block) not less than two (2) inches thick, level with the ground, and extending not more than twelve (12) inches from the concrete headstone foundation and the full length of the headstone foundation. The flower box base must extend three (3) inches beyond the bottom of the flower box.

All urns and statuary must be placed in line with the tombstone on stone slabs or concrete base (patio block) not less then two (2) inches thick, level with the ground, and extending at least six (6) inches wider than the base of the urn.

Ornamental shrubbery or trees may not be planted on the gravesite.

Water for plants is available from two (2) spigots in the cemetery. Both spigots are in the first lane up the hill from the entrance of the cemetery. Water is available between April 15th and September 15th.

Tombstones for a single lot may be no taller than forty-two (42) inches tall, forty-two (42) inches wide, and fifteen (15) inches thick. The foundations must extend at least three (3) inches from the base of the tombstone on all sides.

The installation and maintenance of the foundation and tombstone is the responsibility of the owner or descendants.

Any person removing or destroying tombstones, markers, flower plants or shrubbery without authority shall be liable to prosecution by the Cemetery Association.

A cemetery lot may be used as follows:

  • One (1) casket burial or
  • One (1) casket and one (1) cremation or
  • Two (2) cremation burials

Above ground burials (mausoleums) are only permitted in a designated area with the approval of the board directors.

The use of any kind of lights to illuminate tombstones, flowers, decorations, or statuary is not permitted. Any of its kind will be removed by the cemetery.

The Cemetery Association is not responsible for the theft, or damage, to any decoration placed on the gravesite.

Before doing anything to the grave not mentioned above, review it with the Cemetery Association. The cemetery Association meets on the first Tuesday of the month.